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In our first 6 years our foundation had tremendous success, and we were powered by volunteers only. The only time someone was paid was when a foundation donated $10,000 specifically for our founder, Annette Leslie, to be paid. During the 6 years we directed and collaboratively invested $3.2M into childhood brain cancer research, built a teen room at Children’s and met a wide number of personal needs of families whose children were battling cancer.

Despite all the good CLF was doing we felt that our “one man show” wasn’t enough.

Our work in Dallas, in Austin with CPRIT, and in D.C. with the Congressional Childhood Cancer Caucus garnered the attention of Gerry McDougall, PricewaterhouseCoopers Global Oncology Partner. In 2016, we chose to restructure and we paid consultants to guide us. With Gerry’s leadership, we launched a PwC global analysis directed by Walter Capone to prove that although brain cancer is the deadliest disease of our nation’s children, it is tragically an unmet need in our society. We now have a PwC professional document that has brought us tremendous value.

Our investment in PwC and restructuring has paid off. We do not pay our board members, however we did pay for the global analysis and we paid for a $16M grant proposal to be written in order to bring a drug to trial (DFMO) that is keeping kids in remission.

It is so important to CLF that we are transparent in the allocation of funds.