#CarryMeCarson Carson Leslie Carson with Michael Young Fight with Us Carson & his bro, Craig Join Our Cause
#CarryMeCarson As we carry on, we hope you will join us in making Carson’s dream of eradicating pediatric cancer a reality.
Carson Leslie “I am not strong or courageous by myself. I just happened to be the kid that got cancer. And the way I look at it, I can either go around mad and sad, or go around living with the strength and courage that comes from God and from the people He puts around me.”
Carson with Michael Young Carson is an incredible example of faith and courage. I am proud to call this young man my friend. - Michael Young
Fight with Us Carson packed a lot of life in 17 short years…there wasn’t an ounce of surrender in him.
Carson & his bro, Craig Sometimes when I think about Craig, I find myself teary… he is one of the reasons I fight so hard to live. - Carson
Join Our Cause cancer is the #1 disease killer of children. One out of every five children diagnosed with children, dies...