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“My name is Carson Leslie, and I have been battling brain and spine cancer for the past three years. I love sports, babies and Mexican food.

I have written a book to give a voice to the teenagers and children who have cancer but are unable to express how such an illness affects their personal, social, physical and emotional life. I want others to understand how to be a better friend to someone he/she knows that has a life threatening disease. Even though every day of my life is a battle, I have learned that God is always there to lift me up, and I live each day as if it were the Day of Judgement.

I believe my story will give readers a new perspective on the importance of how words and/or actions affect those around them. I wish to make a difference, and I know others my age want to do the same. Maybe after they read my book they will discover how to live the struggle…”

– Carson Leslie

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Carry Me

Carson at his book signing, 6 days before he died He was sure pleased with his accomplishment, just look at that smile!


Carsons story is one of courage… Many of us have no idea what it is like to be diagnosed with Cancer, but his truthful words shed light on such a tragic disease. In this book, you learn about all of the things that he has to go through- and you also learn how to be a friend to someone that is fighting the same fight that he was. I recommend this book for everyone. I read it in one night because I could not put it down.

I have never met Carson and never will for he has returned Home. I am humbled by the man’s selflessness and courage in sharing his experience; I am reminded yet again to be thankful and appreciate the present. That waking up everyday and living Life is a gift: something which one takes for granted quite easily. A good read by an amazing young man.

A biography of a local boy here in Dallas who had cancer, and his fight with it. The book was composed of a series of diary entries, effectively, each with a slightly different topic, but each intended to be read by others.