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Carson Leslie Center

The opening of The Carson Leslie Center was a flawless celebration.
Everything was perfect,
Except the harsh reality it’s The Carson Leslie Center…

But, it’s an unbelievable honor to have such a GRAND building,
In honor of a great boy; who not only lived young & fearless, died young and fearless—

Carson’s body gave out
But his spirit is very much alive; especially in the building that bears his name!

Carson & Higgins had time to discuss The Carson Leslie Center.
Carson had the chance to walk alongside the architects as the plans were being firmed up!
Carson was VERY particular that The Carson Leslie Center was first class and built by BECK!

Carson lost his battle before dirt started to fly…
And as things go; the budget was tightened and things became a bit tense as details were finalized…

Joe’s pretty good construction company could have built a pretty good gymnasium at Carson’s school;
Higgins made things happen and BECK built The Carson Leslie Center and IT’S over-the-moon !

BECK’s that way…
BECK is full of men and women with character.
And that personal character overflows into every building…
There’s a confident swagger of those who work for BECK

Carson wrote a book, Carry Me, that was published 6 days before he died, in it he wrote;  “My Dad’s employer, The Beck Group, has been very accommodating, flexible and gracious with my Dad.  They have allowed him to be with me whenever he felt necessary without condition.  I am too young to know if this is normal, but I tend to think it is not. I can’t thank BECK enough for your caring spirit.”

Boy’s need their dad’s. Carson needed his dad during his fight for life.

Carson wrote, Joshua 1:9 is not just my cancer verse, it’s my life verse and no matter how long I live, I want it written on my tombstone so if people visit my grave, they will know how God got me through my troubles in life. –Carson Leslie Joshua 1:9 is written on his tombstone and his BUILDING!

In The Carson Leslie Center:
Lessons are taught, Games are played, Dances are danced, Cheerleaders have sleepovers, Snacks are sold,


He not only showed perseverance, toughness & character through his desperate journey in the fight for life…
He was much that way before he was diagnosed with cancer too—Carson’s #3 jersey was retired and it’s hanging in the Carson Leslie Center.

One evening in our home as he became weaker and weaker, he said,
I don’t want to be remembered as a kid with cancer, I want to be remembered as an athlete—

Carson is so remembered as an athlete as he fought for life with an athletes heart—