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Encouraging kids in the battle is part of our mission and is two fold!

1. We take cancer fighting kids out and about Big D 4 times a year to a Mavericks, Cowboy’s and Ranger’s games! We travel in Limos provided by Premier Transportation and always sit in a suite! We provide food and drink for all, giving these valiant cancer fighting kids opportunities to live large, while they are able!! View Cowboys Game Pictures

2. Carson lived his whole-short life in the heart of Dallas and in the hearts of many Dallasites!

Carson packed a lot of life in 17 short years with a confident swagger, a smile that would warm a room and in the end, a dying wish, “help the next kid diagnosed with cancer.”

During inpatient treatment he never left his room, there was no place to go.

The playroom was full of young kids and his “friends” were busy living life.

Those were Very lonely days.

A generous philanthropist donated $14,000 in honor of Carson to start a teen room on the cancer floor at Children’s Health in Dallas.

Carson’s Corner serves over 400 teen cancer patients annually cared for at Children’s.

We keep it stocked with art supplies and the latest gaming systems and games and also provide an Under Armour backpack to each newly diagnosed teen at Children’s Dallas which contains a leather bound journal, soft blanket, pj pants and overnight kit.

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Texas Rangers Games

“My sister and I were able to to to a Ranger Game last year sponsored by the Carson Leslie Foundation.
We had such a great time. We got to ride in the limos sit in a suite and even got autographed baseballs from Michael Young!
You told us Carson’s story that gave us courage. My sister passed away shortly after that visit to the ballpark. I wanted to thank all the people who made that memory possible. You put a smile on my sisters face and hope in her heart. That was priceless, Thank you.”

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Dallas Cowboys Games


Friendships that have bloomed as a result of bonding during a Cowboy Game hosted by Carson Leslie Foundation has translated to friendships between teen cancer patients while inpatient and in clinic. This is absolutely wonderful and more than we could have hoped for. I am confident that friendships such as these will develop as well in the teen room.

At the game, there were two girls who were initially reluctant to attend because they were nervous to spend an evening with people they did not know well. By the end of the night, the girls were friends, now text one another and have stayed friends. They are a support to one another and truly can understand the fear, burdens and moments of joy within hospitalization and treatment.

Cowboys3Another teen who went to the game is a young man who had received his prosthetic leg the day before the event. He attended the event with his prosthetic leg, walked though the stadium, surrounded by the group and felt comfortable and confident to walk in public. Can you imagine how powerful the event was for him, the friendships, laughter, feelings of hope and acceptance.

There was another young man who lost his battle with cancer shortly after attending the event. He was a huge Cowboy fan and the evening was very special to him. Attending the game was a dream come true for him.

Not a teen who attended that evening who would have been able to attend a game, experience a suite and feel so special without your foundations support.


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