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We are committed to our mission, Carson’s mission.

Carson Leslie Mexico The Carson Leslie Foundation is dedicated to raising funds for research leading to a cure for pediatric cancer and enriching the lives of teens in the battle. Please join us in fulfilling this mission. 100% of all proceeds given to The Carson Leslie Foundation will go to our mission. Donate Today »

Carson had this moxie, a bold-charming confidence, an indomitable spirit, a disarming smile that would warm a room and most of the time during his 3 year Carson vs. cancer battle he had a smooth-bald head that undeniably shouted cancer… Read More »

Carry Me Book They left the hospital and Carson crawled into his mom’s car and shut the door. He looked at her and said “mom, promise me 1 thing, promise me my book gets published!” Carry Me was published 6 days before he died.

In the words of the late Carson Leslie:

I have written a book to give a voice to the teenagers and children who have cancer but are unable to express how such an illness affects their personal, social, physical and emotional life. I want others to understand how to be a better friend to someone he/she knows that has a life threatening disease. Even though every day of my life is a battle, I have learned that God is always there to lift me up, and I live each day as if it were the Day of Judgement.

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