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Childhood Cancer Community Gives A Toast


A much-anticipated event is still marked in the calendars of the many joined together in the childhood cancer community.  The Golden Toast recognizes the collaborative global movement benefitting the state of childhood cancer.

The Carson Leslie Foundation hopes that this event will not only remain planned but show that childhood cancer research is a collaborative mission that will not be stopped. Though our world is hitting hard times, childhood cancer does not go away. There are still families who need our help and children who are hoping for a light at the end of the tunnel.

By continuing our legacy of hosting the Golden Toast, we are proving that we as a community can work together as a global team to bring awareness to childhood cancer and one day find the cure many hope for.

The Golden Toast not only brings together those in the childhood cancer community, but it is a bipartisan celebration. Senators and Congressional members come together to celebrate the global initiative.

The celebration is held each September on the eve of the Congressional Childhood Cancer Caucus Summit and Cure Fest. Which has passed new laws and addresses the deadliest disease of our Nations children.

By donating, you are helping bring together a global movement who are seeking to find a cure.


By: Lucy Long