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Fighting Childhood Cancer One Backpack at a Time

12 children in need of a little hope all across the world. 12 children who do not know what the future holds. But, as a community, we the Carson Leslie Foundation decided it was our duty to support these kids and fight cancer as a community.

Though some of these children were close to home, 1 child living in TX, 2 children were much further. Two backpacks were sent to the Philippines and the United Kingdom. Showing, that our job is not to just help children affected with cancer close by, but to help ANY child with cancer. May that be on the other side of the Earth, our goal is to provide.

The emails from parents asking for a backpack made us realize our job as a foundation is bigger than we realize. We are not just fighting cancer; we are fighting for the families who do not know their next step.

The smiles on the children’s faces is what keeps us going. We hope to continue providing these smiles and your help is all we ask for.