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CLF and ASCO Conquer Cancer Foundation Partner to Fight Cancer

“The joining of forces between our organizations represents our synergistic commitment to advancing research in medulloblastoma and ensuring a cadre of investigators focused on this important area,” said Gerald McDougall, a Conquer Cancer Board member and Chairman of the Carson Leslie Foundation. “Based on my decades of working with leading cancer organizations, leveraging the ASCO infrastructure by supporting the Conquer Cancer Young Investigator Award program makes sense for [both] these organizations.”

“Since inception, #cureMEdullo/the Carson Leslie Foundation’s singular focus has been to accelerate the most promising science and therapeutic advances in our pursuit of cures for children fighting medulloblastoma,” said Walter Capone, a Carson Leslie Foundation Board member and Director of its #cureMEdullo initiative. “Conquer Cancer’s mission is exquisitely aligned with Carson Leslie’s, and we are deeply gratified to partner with such a powerful organization on this ambitious journey.”

“We are honored to work with the Carson Leslie Foundation to make progress against medulloblastoma,” said Nancy R. Daly, MS, MPH, Chief Philanthropic Officer for Conquer Cancer. “The Leslie family’s commitment will make a tremendous impact and bring hope to other children and families suffering from this disease.”

“It is an honor to partner with ASCO and Conquer Cancer by investing in a Young Investigator Award,” concluded Ms. Leslie. “We have great hope a young, eager open mind will unlock secrets hidden in the complexity of medulloblastoma and bring less toxic treatment[s] to this awful disease with an ultimate goal—a cure.”


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